Slim | weight loss | healthy

Slim | weight loss | healthy

Slim Weight Loss and Healthy Battle

The slim weight loss and healthy battle is one that many have fought, and it often seems, only the lucky win. This isn't entirely true. No matter what kind of fight, or journey, you're facing, the key to finding and enjoying success is ensuring you have the right tools. For weight loss, those tools include: - The right mind-set - An interest in making important changes in your lifestyle - A plan - An appropriate diet program or aid that's suitable to your needs

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Secret To The Best Way To Lose Abdominal Weight

by mike legg

Are you one of the many people who are desperate to lose weight quickly? Are you looking for the best way to lose abdominal weight? Then at last help may be at hand in a new secret breakthrough that could crack the fat loss code wide open. An American doctor has blown the lid off one of the best kept secrets in weight loss, a secret that could help those of you who are desperate to lose weight quickly and permanently, get fit and healthy and add years to your lives.

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst has been studying the human digestive system and how it absorbs nutrition. After doing some independent studies she went on to find a definite correlation between harmful plaque and parasitic infestations of the bowel tract which stop people from being able to lose weight no matter how much they diet or exercise. Over a six year period she has developed a number of natural and harmless treatments that remove these harmful parasites and plaques and therefore help these people who are desperate to lose weight quickly.

So just what is so harmful about these plaques and parasites living in your gut? And how does getting rid of them help you if you are desperate to lose weight quickly? Well in a nutshell what they do is to block your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrition properly. This causes your body to starve gives you the feeling of being hungry all the time, no matter how much you eat, and when your body thinks that it is starving its natural reaction is to adjust its metabolism to burn food much slower in an effort to store it as fat. Therefore you keep eating more and more and keep adding more fat to your body, (fat that we do not want or need).

The entire fat loss quick treatment is based on completely natural protection agents formed from a selection of extracts and organic constitutes found throughout the world in a variety of plants and herbs. Combined together in specific amounts and combinations they make for a solution that is probably the best way to lose abdominal weight and crack the fat loss code forever by removing these plaques and parasites. This comes as a great relief to anyone who is overweight or desperate to lose weight quickly.

Dr Suzanne’s discovery allows anyone regardless of their particular diet or lifestyle to be able to instantly crack the fat loss code and start shedding anywhere from 15lbs to as much as 200lbs of dangerous unwanted fat. The typical average results are of about 45lbs fat loss in the first 30 days alone for those people just starting out with her secret.

The greatest part about this best way to lose abdominal weight secret is that it is not at all difficult and does not require strict dieting, heavy exercising or any major change in your lifestyle or routine. In fact nature is on your side as the whole thing uses natures own protections against these harmful obesity causing plaques and parasites.

So if you are one of the thousands of people looking for the best way to lose abdominal weight or are desperate to lose weight quickly but safely then you really should check out Dr Suzanne Gudakunsts fat loss quick secret and crack the fat loss code for yourself. Do it today and start feeling healthier and slimmer now.

Desperate to lose weight quickly then visit for more tips on the best way to lose abdominal weight.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Health Supplements Could be Healthier

by Synapse India

Most people are unaware about the logic behind the balanced diet. In their view, the body accepts adequate vitamins and minerals through whatever they consume. However, this is a mere myth. Many times, the body craves the need for using health supplements to compensate on many essential nutrients, important for the smooth living of a person.

More about Health Supplements

Health supplements are usually considered to be safe. However, it is always suggested to take health supplements that are certified by a recognized body of the country. This helps you to make sure that the health nutrients are safe and do not have any ill effects. Though, there are some health supplements which are not recommended for teens. This is because of the fact that they might contain steroids that cause hurt to the body. When taking health supplements, look out for any warning signals or possible side effects such as headache, stomach discomfort, rashes, and faintness. This is only because some health supplement may include elements that may prove to be allergic to some individuals.

Where to Find?

Health supplements can be obtained from the general pharmacy shop or from the many online stores available on the internet. All you have to do is to decide the health supplement that fulfills your vitamin and mineral needs. Most people think that health supplements are for sport persons only but such additions can be effecting for all. People suffering from different kinds of sickness need health supplements to enhance their natural immunity and resistance to the illness. Pregnant woman, lactating woman and old age persons can also use health supplements to overcome their physical weakness. Health supplements aid to compensate insufficiency caused in the body.

Take Precautions

It is significant to utilize health supplements in their stipulated dosage. Taking extra amount of minerals and vitamins is not advisable. Always discuss with your physician before using any health supplements as there are some health supplements that may affect your health adversely. Some individuals use energy bars as health supplements. However, though this is fine for athletes who burn lots of calories, they can turn out to be additional calories to the average person!

Nowadays, people have become more health conscious and are sensitive of the benefits of health supplements. Along with health nutrients, it is vital to have as varied and balanced diet as possible. Remember, health supplements are meant only to act as extra nutrients to the body, and not as the only food to the body!

About the Author

Myself webmaster of, a free health medical guide offers listings of health service providers, health medical encyclopedia, health online pharmacy and resources on alternative health products etc.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Skinny on Fat Stores Reduction: Rid Yourself of Troublesome Fat, and Get a Whole Lot Healthier in the Process

by Dr. James C. Fairfield

As the body ages, fat begins to find its way to places not so much of our choosing. If you've been battling problem fat areas on your hips, stomach or even back, the good news is that yes, it is possible to make those problem spots go away.

Here are three basic steps to saying goodbye to troublesome bulges:

Lose weight if necessary: Find out from your doctor how close you are to your ideal weight and whether you're carrying excess fat. Using the body mass index (BMI) provides a reliable indication of both. If you do find that you need to lose fat, a recent two-year study suggests focusing on a low-carb diet where you derive the bulk of your fat from healthy vegetable and fish sources (as opposed to the Atkins-style bacon-on-lettuce routine) will put you squarely on the road to reduction. And, as an added benefit, as you lose fat throughout your body, including from your stomach and around your organs, you reduce your risk for all sorts of nasties ranging from heart disease to diabetes. You know you can't go wrong improving your diet, and you'll lay the groundwork for fixing those problem areas.

Get fit: You can do a thousand or even a million sit-ups and it's not likely to reduce the amount of fat in your belly. The reason? Your abdominal muscles and the belly fat sitting above them have nothing to do with each other. That being said, if you focus on an overall fitness and toning program—with your doctor's blessing of course—you're likely to tone up problem areas along with the rest of your body. Make sure your routine includes plenty of aerobic exercise, at the very least three times per week at 20 minutes per session (preferably more). Since getting in shape is great for your skin, mood and health, you can't help but come out a winner… even if you still need help with the fatty bulges.

A safe alternative: Once you're in shape and within 15 pounds of your ideal weight, if you still have an annoying pair of saddle bags or a poochy belly, you might be feeling pretty frustrated. Sadly, where we store our fat is genetically determined, and what our genetics think is a good idea doesn't always correspond to how we want to look in swimwear. In short, some of us get lucky — and for the rest of us, there's SmartLipo laser assisted liposuction. This treatment works to reduce local fat stores — and is a minimally invasive procedure with little or no recovery time. SmartLipo uses a laser that zaps fat and tightens the overlying skin. This procedure is extremely effective removing the trouble spots that weight loss and fitness routines haven't managed to touch.

Having problem spots can actually work as a call to action. Those areas carry with them the opportunity to improve your appearance and your overall health. You'll get healthy and, with a little help from cosmetic dermatology procedures, you can achieve the smooth, svelte look you've been wanting. With that in mind, as you move from milepost bulge to milepost bikini, make sure you have some fun!

James C. Fairfield, MD, has established the oldest and most respected dermatology practice in the Delaware Valley. For more free cosmetic dermatology information and resources and to sign up for his free report, Erase the Years, visit his web site at

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Tips for Successful Weight Loss

1 Drink plenty of water but DON’T drink your calories

2 Make a salad your starter but DON’T add high-fat extras such

as pasta salads, shredded cheese.

3 Choose foods that will help you feel satisfied longer but DON’T overeat.

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